January Webinerds in the Wild Meet Up

Check out all of the fun we had at our first Webinerds in the Wild meet up of the year! We had parties in our San Francisco, Charlotte, Sydney and Singapore offices and it was nothing short of fun! We plan to have more of these throughout the year. They are nice “happy hour” events to gather fellow webinerds together and talk, chat and get to know each other a little better. Nothing formal. We’d love to see you there are a future meet up.

What are good times and months to that you’d like to see, to get you to attend?


Would love to attend, but you’re no where close to my little town.

Philly area, just let me know & I"m happy to host it


Some days it can be hard to get up to the City (with the traffic in the Bay Area). Would be great to do something in the South Bay. Maybe we could host or another customer in the South Bay?

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We don’t have any local to me otherwise I would love to attend.

I found myself in the wild.

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Philly area would be great.

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Florida in June or July, preferably the Tampa area.

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Toronto, please! :grin:

SF meet up was a great chance to talk informally with ON24 staff and other users. I walked away with some nice nuggets of advice to share with my team and CUPCAKES!

Would love to take part, let me know next time you will be close to Milan or Geneva.

Denver please!!! I would love to attend.

Would love to see a Webinerds in the Wild meet up in Harrisburg, PA!

Have a meet up in the Washington, DC area!!

Akron/Cleveland please!